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Violinist ∙ Educator ∙ Producer ∙ Writer


Nuné Melik is an artist who believes that art has no limitations. As a soloist she has performed at Carnegie Hall, United Nations Headquarters. Having initiated the Hidden Treasure International, she advocates the music of the Caucasus, concurrently performing with the orchestras and in chamber groups all over the world. Touring with concerts since nine years old, she expands her musical horizons with humanitarian work, music education, poetry writing, acting and directing.


November 7, 2022 @10:30 am// Master-Class
Booker T. High School, Dallas, TX

November 6-9, 2022// Women in Classical Music Symposium, Dallas Symphony Orchestra Dallas, Texas

November 9, 2022 @3:30 pm// Master-Class for ElSistema
Silberstein Elementary, Dallas, TX

November 20, 2022 @6:30 pm// Solo with Greater Connecticut
Youth Orchestra with Polina Nazaykinskaya,
The Klein Memorial Auditorium

Bruch: Violin Concerto mov. I
Gevorkyan: Artsakh

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